What everthrīv does

Health Coaching

Discover healing opportunities and begin a course correction towards better health.

Lab Testing

Perform the most advanced private hormone, metabolism, and GI Map testing.

Lab Analysis

Receive a non-medical, preventive interpretation of your blood chemistry tests.

Monthly Retainer

Monitor your progress and perform follow-up labs through monthly coaching.

What clients say

Roberto Cellere, FDN-P, @everthriv

Roberto Cellere is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN©). He brings a multi-decade commercial fitness experience to his role as a private health and fitness coach. His mission is to empower people with the tools they need to take ownership of their health.

Encouraging personal health care solutions

Roberto’s fascination with proactive health began in his late 20’s when a medical specialist used blood tests he performed on his own to discover a severe health issue. This life-changing event fuelled a drive for education that continues today.

He recently helped his father put a 20-year affliction with diabetes into remission. They used blood chemistry testing to track the progress of dietary and lifestyle changes.

Roberto has devoted recent years to work for a renowned cancer research-funding organization. Thus, he appreciates the importance of drug R&D and the medical-pharmaceutical complex. But, he views genuine health care as originating from the individual sphere. It should be a personal process.

Take control of your symptoms

Are you struggling with fatigue, poor sleep, or difficulty losing fat? Have digestive distress, blood sugar swings, or other health challenges? Use a lab-guided investigation to zero-in on the cause, and begin a course correction towards better health.


Take your fitness program to the next level

Spot trends, areas of concern, and find clues. Assess inflammation, your level of DNA damage, and nutritional status. Understand your circadian rhythm and ability to respond to stress. Know the role that cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone are playing in your body. Learn much more…


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